Transforming Supreme Cleansing Foam

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Removing residues of makeup and sebum and prevents the sensation of tightness.

Dryness Clarifying & Exfoliating

An innovative concept of "sebum exchange": First, the creamy foam removes residues of makeup and sebum, followed by the hydrating essence that rebuilds skin's barrier and prevents the sensation of tightness. Formulated without colorings, paraben, alcohol, mineral oils and foaming agent, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Thorough cleansing
Deeply purifies all the makeup residues, sebum and impurities inside the skin texture. Pores become clean and clear.

Dryness relief
Thanks to its gentle formula which does not irritate or burden the skin, it cleanses while retaining moisture to leave skin more supple.

Unified complexion
Achieves an even and translucent skin by sweeping away dullness and dead skin cells.
All skin types

Use every morning and evening. Mix a suitable amount with water to form a rich lather, and then gently massage in a circular motion to cleanse the skin. Avoid eye and lip areas. Rinse thoroughly.