Time Reversal Ampoule

3.5ml x5
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Boosting skin's functions, firms and lifts, while improving elasticity.

Multiple Signs of Aging Dryness Loss of Firmness Fine Lines & Wrinkles

A 15-day intensive treatment which concentrates the W-TruComplex® and a blend of exceptional ingredients. This ampoule helps boost skin's functions, firms and lifts, while improving its elasticity. Lines and wrinkles are erased and signs of aging seem fade away. Skin regains its softness and delicate texture.
Regeneration booster
A source of vitality essential for cell repair and regeneration. This ampoule infuses skin with necessary nutrients to strengthen its barrier and boost the renewal of deeper cell layers, offering an intensive repair against signs of aging.

Intensive hydration
A deep and long-lasting hydration that helps reduce moisture evaporation and skin repair.

Calming and soothing
It soothes sensitive skin and repairs its weakened skin barrier.
All skin types

Use on cleansed, dry face at night. Twist out the lid of the ampoule and push against the bottom of the bottle. Take 2 to 3 drops and apply over the face, followed by your usual eye serum, eye cream, as well as serum and cream targeted to your needs. Use 15 consecutive days for the best results.