Silky Sugar Lip Polish

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Gently buffs away dead skin cells and smooths lips.

Clarifying & Exfoliating

Featuring delicate, non-irritative sugar granules, this scrubs gently buffs away dead skin cells and smooths lips, bringing them back to the purest state of softness. Glycerin helps lock in moisture and soften, offering lips a natural, rosy glow. Formulated without color pigments. A dose of fresh citrus scent awaken lips upon every application, as if transformed.
Dullness correction
By massaging the product in a circular motion on the lips, the refined sugar granules buff away dead skin cells and reveal natural, rosy lips that are soft and supple.

Softening and moisturizing
Glycerin moisturizes and softens the lips, which become instantly revitalized and supple.

Delicate fragrance
Carefully designed, the size of sugar granules is optimal for exfoliation while infusing lips with moisture. The fresh and sweet fragrance further enhances the lips.
All skin types

Massage on clean lips and rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly.