Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

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Removing makeup and impurities, brightens skin during massage.

Clarifying & Exfoliating

This gel-like balm melts into an oil upon application to remove makeup effortlessly without clogging pores, elevating makeup removal to a moment of pure pleasure. Infused with W-TruComplex®, it removes makeup and impurities, brightens and replenishes skin during massage, leaving skin crystal clear after each use.
Perfect makeup removal
Its gel-like texture melts into an oil upon application, offering a deep cleansing inside the pores that frees skin from waterproof foundations, color makeup, sunscreen, dirts and impurities.

Pore cleansing
Formulated without mineral oils, this gentle formula does not clog pores or cause breakouts and acnes. Skin becomes soft and clarified, without being oily or tightened.

Moisturizing and brightening
Natural plants extracts moisturizes and locks in hydration, while ensuring an even and brightened complexion. Skin is left clear and translucent.
All skin types

Apply with fingertips on a slightly damp face. Massage gently until the balm transforms into an oil. Add warm water to emulsify and dissolve the makeup. Rinse thoroughly.