Collagen Renewal Concentrate

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Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, unveiling younger-looking skin.

Multiple Signs of Aging Loss of Firmness Pores

Microcapsules melt into watery texture on the skin at first touch to release active ingredients, repair skin’s structures both internally and externally, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, unveiling younger-looking skin that is firmed and plumped.
Activation of the very source of cell’s regeneration potential
W-TruComplex®: Crafted from White Truffles, this extract boasts anti-oxidizing power to activate the very source of cell’s regeneration potential. Wrinkles are reduced, revealing a smooth complexion and firmed contour.

Collagen synthesis stimulation
OKINACEA Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract: This anti-ageing powerhouse works deep into the skin to restore skin structure and cohesion by stimulating collagen synthesis, leaving the skin firmer, softer, smoother with premature ageing signs such as wrinkle and sagginess eliminated.

A boost of hydration level and water retention
Hyaluronic acid: Infuses the stratum corneum with ample moisture, while promoting the hydration level and locks in water to maintain a dewy smooth sensation.

Ultimate skincare experience
Fine Encapsulation Technology: Upon application, this crystalline encapsulation pearls melts into a delicate, silky smooth collagen gel that infuses skin with regeneration power. With sublimed hydration and nourishment, this translucent texture evokes an ultimate skincare experience.
All skin types
Use in the morning and evening after The Treatment Essence. Warm an appropriate amount of essence in the palm of your hand and apply gently, then follow up with the matching cream for optimal results. Avoid the areas around your eyes and lips.