Cellular Brightening Activator

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Preventing and smashing melanin to reduce the intensity of dark spots.

Multiple Signs of Aging Dark Spots & Sun Spots Dullness Uneven Skin Tone

Combining White Truffles and plant extracts in one singular ingredient, the Whitening Complex boasts triple anti-oxidizing ingredients to prevent and smash melanin which reduces the intensity of dark spots. Even and illuminated, skin becomes clarified and translucent.

In 28 days,
excess melanin is reduced -11%*
hypermentation is reduced -6.2%*
glossiness is increased +90%*

In 84 days,
dark spots are reduced -32.4%*.

*Proven by clinical test
Dark spot correction
The Triple Plant Whitening Complex helps prevent and combat melanin to reduce dark spots and brighten the skin.

Smoothing action
The mother cells of Purple Gromwell activates the cells in deeper layers to enhance the complexion from within.

Deep moisturization and repair
Patented White Truffles Repair Essence and hyaluronic acid provide hydration which creates moisturized, supple skin with flawless radiance.
All skin types
Use after Treatment Lotion every morning and evening. Take suitable amount (1 or 2 pumps) and smooth from the centre in an outward direction. Apply a little bit extra on areas where spots are more prominent. Avoid eye and lip areas.